Missional communities

10:2 Groups are missional communities designed to reach a specific community on campus.  These groups allow you to join with friends to grow in your faith and impact UT Tyler through small group bible study, prayer, and outreach.

Here are the groups for Fall 2019! The times listed are for those that have a heart for that group of people... The leaders listed will meet together, pray, and plan how to reach out to those groups on campus. We would love to partner with you in sharing the gospel!

Freshmen guys - Tuesday, 6pm under O-Hall

  • Caleb and Grey

Freshmen guys - Thursday, 11am at UC

  • Radley and Ryan T.

Freshmen girls - Thursday, 10am at UC

  • Halle and G

Girls at Liberty Landing - Sunday Almira for details

  • Ally and Almira

Guys at Patriot Village - Wednesdays, 5:30pm at PV

  • Ezekiel and Jordan

Business Students - Wednesday, 12pm at COB, 1st floor

  • Austin and Lauren

Hispanic Students - Tuesday, 12pm at the UC

  • Yemile, Josie, and Melissa

Honors Students - Thursday, 5pm at UC third floor  

  • Jonathan and Sammie

Internationals - Tuesday, 4pm at UC

  • Ryan S.

PZ/UC Students - Monday, 5pm on Monday at UC

  • Wyatt and Dawson