Pancakes and Bacon

The BSM continues to be the “Place to Be” on Thursday nights. Several hundred students crowd into the BSM each week for Thursday night Pancakes and Bacon.  Student leaders prepare pancakes and bacon and share a meal as they share about their love for Christ.  Games are in full throttle (pool, ping pong, uno, jenga, etc), and some nights there may be live music from our own students or local church bands. There is something for everyone.

Valentines fell on Thursday night this semester which provided a unique opportunity for the BSM Leadership Team.  Special “pink” pancakes were served and they were a hit!  Also, two BSM leaders, Haley Roushey and Katie Rittenhouse, teach a weekly girls Bible study.  Girls in the study this week were reminded of God’s unfailing love for them and their true and lasting beauty as a precious child of God.  Girls in the study were given roses as a reminder of God’s love for them.   

We look forward to each and every week here at the BSM to see what God has in store for our ministry.