Leadership Spotlight

Katie Williams

Katie Williams.jpg

Katie Williams always seems to have a smile on her face.  She is a sophomore, from Arp, Texas, who is in the pre-physical therapy program.  Katie has been a vital leader at the Tyler Junior College BSM for the last year and a half.  Her engaging personality and winsome attitude are a true blessing to the BSM regulars and to the many new students that come to the BSM on a weekly basis.  Each Thursday night in the kitchen, she and fellow leaders serve pancakes and engage other students for the sake of Christ.

Katie seeks to grow her faith through involvement in both Bible study and consistent involvement in her local church.  Katie grew up at Arp Emmanuel Baptist Church and comes from a family that is deeply committed to the Lord.  During her time at TJC, she has also been active in the Flash Point college ministry at Green Acres Baptist Church.  She joined this group on a relief mission trip to Joplin, MO.

Katie is also a part of the girl’s small group Bible study that takes place on Thursday evenings at the BSM.  She has faithfully invited new girls to the study and worked to stay connected to girls in the group.

Katie is a creative young lady.  Her love for arts and crafts has been a real asset to the BSM and she always seeks to involves others.  For Valentine’s Day, she led a group of students to make Valentines for senior adults in local nursing homes.  She has also helped to coordinate themed “art nights” at the BSM.  Students who come to these special nights can purchase small canvases and create their own works of art that relate to a particular Bible verse or spiritual idea.  The canvases are often displayed at the BSM and the money raised goes to support local missions or ministry efforts.  

We can't wait to see all that God does through Katie while she is here and throughout her life.  God is doing a great work in and through Katie!!